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Nothing to Hide: When control becomes out of control

Has he ever made you feel isolated? Alone? Worthless? Questioning everything you’ve ever known to be reality?

As a young woman with the world at her feet, Becky was building the foundations to what had always been the castles in her sky. Working hard to pursue her marketing career and making plans to travel, she was independent and happy. One night out with her best friend is all it took to veer her entire life off course. On that night, her world collided with Aaron’s. Aaron was a master of manipulation and didn’t think twice of breaking down Becky’s world, piece by piece, to make room for himself, and only himself. Becky lost so much trying to keep up with Aaron’s demands. In a two-year duration, her career, independence and self-worth were all gone; but she gained a love that was so powerful that it saved her in her darkest hour.

In her debut non-fiction novel Becky divulges the gritty details in her story of love, abuse and control. A tale that will touch the hearts and scars of so many other survivors.